Why I share my faith

I-see-the-cross-christianity-30262685-1365-1024Last night, God made me really understand that I was built for this, and that he purposed me to share my faith and that it WILL impact people.

I was on an Uber ride with a young lady who was surprised that I was able to hold it together less than a week after the passing of my dad. She shared that she was angry with God for taking her mom away from her, and that she had stopped going to church as a result.

I explained that God doesn’t make mistakes and that as difficult as it is, when we lose a loved one, we have to trust God’s plan. I told her that God would meet her wherever and whenever she chose to go, but that she had to be open to hear from him. The next thing out of her mouth touched my heart.

She said, “Your strength gives me strength. I don’t understand how you do it, but you’ve inspired me. I’m going back to church.” She went on to explain that it was the first time she really felt like she could go back to church.

This weekend has been full of people sharing with me how my faith inspires them.

One person kept saying thank you for something I did for them, emphasizing that I didn’t understand what it meant to them that I would extend myself when their own family wouldn’t.
Understand this: As a child of God, he will use whatever or whoever he wants to make things come to pass for you. God knows every detail of your life, and if he chose to use me (or whomever), then I’m just a vessel, and GOD gets the glory for making that happen for you. I can’t take credit for that. Also understand this: I am BLESSED. Beyond blessed!! It’s not about material things. Having the measure of faith that I do is what undergirds me to be an inspiration to others. I cannot share faith that I don’t have. Just the thought of that overwhelms me, so I’ll just move on….

I don’t share what I think will make you believe that this is a walk in the park. It’s not. I choose to be positive and look at the bright side of things. When things are ugly or seem to be out of control, I trust that the God that created me, put the very breath in my body and allowed me to live this life, has already got a plan and a solution.

Yes, sometimes I worry. But I remember, “God is in control.” He’s watching and he knows. Anyone who does wrong to me? He’s watching and he knows. When I get out of line or fall from grace? He’s watching and he knows. He covers me, protects me and holds me accountable. He’s a good, good father.

Like the young lady who got in my car last night, I got angry this week about my dad not being here anymore. But God reminded me that I had the opportunity to reconcile with my dad after a 13 year gap of not seeing or hearing from him.

Yes. You read that correctly.

I had the opportunity to get back in contact with my dad. I forgave him and cleared my heart of any negative feeling I had, because God led me to do it. My dad and I had the opportunity to talk about his absence in my life, and he not only apologized and gave an explanation, but he received my forgiveness and we moved on with our lives together. I am ok 6 days later because my father and I had PEACE when he took his last breath. This doesn’t mean that I’ll never cry another tear. But I have been able to maintain my peace. I know that my dad is with the Lord. I will certainly miss my daddy, but my point is that I’m strong because I lean on God’s strength. There are even moments when I’m just not feeling it and God’s strength reaches to ME and undergirds me. Don’t ask me how lol. I just walk in peace because God gives me the reassurance that everything is ok.

If I have been an inspiration to you, thank you for being open to receive what I share. The enemy HATES it, but I will always prevail because I am covered.
I pray that these words have been a blessing to you.


Sorry, not sorry


In Loving Memory of Rayfield Richardson Sr.


  1. Igwesi Augustine

    Thanks for the post. It has inspired me and also God is using this young lady to talk to me. I really appreciate.

  2. Kimberly Melton

    Great Read!! Your courage and faith truly blessed me! Thank God for you!!

  3. Nikki

    Praise God

  4. Donna Hart

    Great words for any of life’s hard days.

  5. KingdomHelper

    Wow. Thank you all for your kind words and for taking the time to read. Be blessed!!

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