As I was listening to a sermon one day, something crossed my mind. The pastor was speaking on Mother’s Day, and the statement he made was about the fact that before you’re a mother, before you’re a wife, you are a woman. You’re more than the job you do, the children you have, the ring on your finger. Your success is not defined by your relationships. You are an entity on your own and your titles and responsibilities are like embellishments that enhance who you are.

For some reason, this sparked a thought process about the new school colloquialism: “throwing shade”.

In essence, throwing shade means to talk trash. In my opinion shade throwing is usually underhanded, however the words used can still be direct and to the point. The “spirit” or attitude behind the words spoken can be subtle and unintentional or mean and downright malicious.

Ok, so now that my interpretation of it is out of the way, here is what I gathered in my thoughts which was way deeper than I really thought it was going to go:

God created us as individuals then allowed us to connect to one another. He gave everyone something unique that is tailored to each of us individually, and this is a part of our contribution to life while we are here.

The sun is a distinct and independent creation. So are the clouds. The sun doesn’t cease to exist on a cloudy day. As a matter of fact, the day is lit because the sun is still there, behind the clouds. Wow. God is awesome.

No matter why or how shade is “thrown” at you, you are who you are. Just like the sun and the clouds, you are a distinct and independent creation. There will be days where there are no clouds, (no shade), and other days, it will be complete overcast. Although it is much easier to deal with one over the other, you have to know who you are through both scenarios.

Shade is temporary.

Shade doesn’t define you.

Shade can “cover” you, but can’t remove you.

Like clouds, shade has to keep it moving. Life goes on!!

What I love about this analogy is that shade comes whether we want it to or not. There will always be people who don’t like what you have, who you are, or what you do. Sometimes, people don’t need a reason. In Job chapter one, Satan was given permission to test Job. Job wasn’t aware that this was coming, but as it happened, he praised God anyway. He let go of what God had given him, because he had faith to believe that God was in control, and that nothing that came to him was out of God’s hands. And Job was right!

 So, I say to you my friend, no matter what kind of shade comes your way, remember who you are. And like the sun as it peeks through the passing clouds, SHINE!!

I pray that these words have been a blessing to you! 🙂