How Kingdom Helper came about

Ready to blogSeveral years ago, as I arrived at church, I noticed a license plate that said, “Kelper”. For months following, this word would cross my mind, and I kept coming back to thinking that it somehow stood for for “Kingdom Helper”. I finally took the opportunity to ask the owner of the vehicle where this word came from. They shared that it was the nickname of a close family member. Not long after this conversation, I had a dream. I saw angel wings on the back of a shirt. When I woke up, “Kingdom Helper” came into my mind, and instantly it clicked. Angels are kingdom helpers! It all seemed so silly, but the dream was so vivid and real, and I couldn’t wait to share with this person what I saw.

The next time I saw them, I excitedly shared my dream, and what I thought it meant. Towards the end of our conversation, this person showed me a tattoo of angel wings on their back. This was my confirmation. I started to praise God! This was one of many epic moments I would experience in watching this entity unfold.

Over time, God would drop words into my spirit and I soon came to realize that this was the beginning of something great that God was doing in my life. I’ve been a writer since I was young child, effortlessly creating books of poetry and short stories. In April of 2013, I decided to launch this blog.

Launching the blog at that time was a huge leap of faith. I wasn’t completely confident in sharing what God was giving me, because I didn’t want to get it wrong. This has truly stretched me in my faith, and helped me to develop an ear to hear from God.

The goal in starting the blog has always been to share my faith, words of wisdom and clarity, as given to me by God, so that became my tag line. Over time, I would start to consistently receive words to share, and it became an undeniable experience every time I would hear from God. I remember the first blog I wrote, titled “Not just a prank call…”. A comedian, Nephew Tommy, prank called a gospel artist, Byron Cage. I listened to the call over and over again, blessed by the patience Byron Cage exhibited throughout the call. He didn’t curse the prankster out. He didn’t show out. He truly was slow to anger. God started to drop things in my spirit about that call and the inspiration drawn from that experience is what led me to start the blog.

The blogs I write are often drawn from daily life experiences and testimonies. I’m so grateful for what God is doing in me, and through me with this. It is an honor and a pleasure to share my walk of faith. I was created to serve. I am a Kingdom Helper, and I pray that as you increase your walk of faith, you would decide to become a Kingdom Helper too. Be blessed!


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  1. Chris Davis

    Wow… I’m very impressed.. Well thought out. Looking forward to reading more.. Looking for the one entitled the resistance is futile lol.. Many blessing… #upright

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