Beautiful = Be You. Fully.

No one can be YOU better than you.

Becoming beautiful is a journey, where you continue to blossom, as long as you continue to cultivate yourself. It’s like the life cycle of a plant. The seed gets planted and watered, it grows, produces fruit or flowers and so on. Ultimately, the entire process starts from within.

When you recognize the value placed in you by God, no one on this earth can touch that. No one on this earth can devalue you. Just as God created the heavens and the earth, the moon, the stars and the mountains, he created YOU. And when he created you, he gave you something to contribute to this world that is different from anyone else. You were packaged for your purpose, including every gift and ability you would need to carry it out.

Don’t be afraid to share your gifts! You don’t see mountains hiding its snow capped beauty, or the dawn refusing to arise with a new day!┬áThe sun rises each and every day, whether or not a picturesque sky is visible. In all of the beauty of the Earth, you are a part of it. Yes. YOU are a part of it! It is imperative that your self esteem is rooted in God. Then you can be who God called you to be, unapologetically.