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One Saturday evening , my daughter and I had just left a wedding rehearsal where she was a flower girl. We were overflowing with excitement, anticipating the impending nuptials. As we rode through the country back roads of Georgia, we marvelled at the beautiful homes on large plots of land, making plans for our own dream home.

Once we got back to our side of town, we decided to grab pizza for dinner. She is a foodie, so before we entered the restaurant, I established that we were on a $15 budget. She agreed, and we proceeded. Our server was a cheery young lady, engaging as though we were regular customers, although this was our first time there. As she finished taking our order, my daughter said, “Are we within the  budget, mommy?!” The server and I laughed as she said that she completely understood having to stick to the budget. We made small talk about buying houses and maintaining budgets. There was nothing out of the ordinary about our interaction.

We received our pizza and garlic knots, and everything was tasty. We wrapped it up and I asked for my tab. The server asked, “What was your budget again?” I smiled and looked at her suspiciously as I told her, “Fifteen dollars.” She grinned and walked away. Moments later, she came back and put the folded receipt in front of me.  I picked it up, and read off the items and found a total of $13.34 after a discount of a little over $4.00 was applied. My heart was filled and although it was a small amount, it was still a blessing in my eyes. It was a very thoughtful and considerate thing to do.

One thing that I love about being a child of God is that he does care about the details of our lives.  I believe he touched  her heart to meet my desire. As I prepared to leave, I felt a strong urge to leave her a little note. I declared a blessing over her life and invited her to church. Looking back, I think it was a better idea to tell her, but I couldn’t resist the urge to leave the note…after all, I am a writer 🙂

After leaving, I explained to my daughter that we never know the influence and impact we will have on someone’s life. It is my prayer that this server (whom I happened to not even get her name) knows the Lord. If she doesn’t, I feel like we were placed on the same path for that seed to be sown. We all have a purpose, and God will put people in your path to make sure your purpose is fulfilled, and for his glory. Dont miss the opportunity to be available, for someone’s deliverance is attached to your obedience, even if you don’t get to see it manifest.

I pray that these words have been a blessing to you.




Sorry, not sorry


  1. Wow wow wow!!!! Just read this whole post aloud to my family! It blessed all of us!! You are a beautifully sweet blessing from God!! I love how you capture moments and share the stories where you experienc God’s little love notes to you that make such a great impact! I love your writing…it’s so liberating and inspirational!! Keep em coming Kingdom Helper!

    • KingdomHelper

      Thank you so much!!! Your support and encouraging words are appreciated. Be blessed! :-*

    • KingdomHelper

      Thank you so much for your love and support. It is a blessing to be an inspiration! Be Blessed!

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