I am a mother, writer, and entrepreneur who loves to serve and inspire people. I created some of my first writings, including poetry, short stories and essays, when I was eight years old. Over the years, I have grown to love words and how they can have such a lasting positive impact us. In a world full of bad news, negativity and strife, I strive to be positive and evoke inspiration and hope in others. I’m motivated by many things to write, however the greatest thing that has catapulted me to walk in my purpose as a writer is being a survivor of suicide. As a survivor, it is my goal to help others understand two things: 
  1. Those who consider, attempt or commit suicide are not necessarily acting out of selfishness. Death feels like the only escape from feeling empty and that deep level of darkness and pain. It also seems better than being a burden to your family and friends.  
  1. Suicide is not the answer. There is a purpose for your life. Just like a growing flower must push through the darkness of the soil, you too, must push through that darkness, for there is light on the other side.  
Understanding that there is a purpose for my life helped me to continue pushing through all that life threw at me. From battling low self esteem and feeling inadequate to having the courage to walk away from things that kept me in that low place, I have gained much more than I ever thought I lost. In the midst of the chaos, God showed me “Kingdom Helper” and I knew that this would become something significant in my life. As a kingdom helper, I serve my community through outreach with the homeless, being an advocate for suicide awareness as well as an advocate for literacy.